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The start of The Innovace v2.0, an innovative website, from thoughts behind creation of every page to the very end of making the website.
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Our new website – The Innovace v2

Welcome to “The Innovace” version 2.0


Its been quite a journey so far and we decided it was time for our website to be revamped… Hello 2015 !
The making of this website was intense, with minute details to interactivity and animation. At every page we decided to do something new, something new, something that has never been seen before.


Well that explains us.. !


The Homepage :

We decided to keep the homepage simple yet introduce innovative slides and animation that can explain what we wanted to convey. It was an elaborate task from creating a story board to layout HTML, writing custom javascript and CSS animations to back it all up. The HTML schema was carefully preserved to provide SEO. The fast loading capability was built ground up for this website. Handwritten Javascript that creates blazing page loads even on mediocre internet.


Know Us :

The about page for our website needed to be innovative, new and cutting edge while retaining simplicity and fast loading capability. A bit of parallax with a tinge of custom scroll events create an interactive page that animates and involves the user into the page.


Why Us :

Here comes the behemoth of all pages. This page needed to describe all our talents, services and skillset.
One page with a lot of responsibility and each service bringing a dynamic page into the screen. To keep the page loads consistent on this page was a challenge compared to others as this consisted of scrolling backgrounds, parallaxes and 5 different pages on just one single page.


Web Design, Development, Application, SEO, PPC pages were all integrated into one single page with in and out animations for a seamless experience.


Try Us :

Here you are reading this little page. Well the “Try Us” was a way to keep in touch with our clients. As the time progresses, client testimonials and web info pages will be slowly included this section.


Reach Us :

The last page determined to not be the least of all pages. The “Contact Page”…
We created this page with the same innovation and determination to bring something new that helped us start this new website. And the contact page got the latest and greatest in HTML5 technologies, “The Canvas”. And we went further to animate a piece of art into it !


Hope this website brings in a new era of innovative creativity.
Websites that make people wonder on the power of Creativity and Web Technologies.